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  • Andie Markowitz

How One Community Uses P-EBT Donations to help Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

How You and One Community Will Help Your Neighbors

One Community works with the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Mutual Aid, public housing tenant associations and community organizers and a dozen other organizations to deliver food to seniors and other vulnerable people who do not have family or others to safely bring them food. The recipients live in public housing and other low-income buildings in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. 1100 households receive groceries each week. As people are more comfortable going out to get food, we are broadening our focus to more people who cannot afford a nutritious diet, generally living in local public housing

Cost Effective Operations

Local businesses and volunteers donate many food items and most of the labor. The Brooklyn Navy Yard graciously donated warehouse space, pictured above, to stage the packing and departure of the delivery volunteers. As a result, you can be confident that your money will go directly only to:

● More food to supplement the amount or nutritional value of the donated food we receive, or

● Packing supplies, masks, gloves, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, tables, bins, handcarts, truck rental and similar items needed to prepare and distribute the food.

Depending on the amount of supplemental food purchased for a week the cash outlay per meal delivered ranges from 6-28¢. Your $420 will enable us to provide 2,625 meals on an average week. $100, 625 meals. Any amount will have a real impact.

It will be the fuel that is needed every week to keep us going.

We hope this was helpful no matter how you plan to use your card. If you have activated your card and would like to use it to support One Community's food program for Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, please use our Go Fund Me link. Your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Go Fund Me routes funds through PayPal Fund Drive, a non-profit organization.

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