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Middle School Trailblazers

20 middle school students from the Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School for the Arts are special guests at Pratt Institute’s annual Research Open House.


The Trailblazers are guided through Pratt student and faculty’s cutting-edge work in robotics, visual reality, augmented reality, sustainability, fashion, graphic design, architecture, art, urban planning etc., and attend a special luncheon. They receive certificates recognizing them as Pratt McKinney Trailblazers, confirming that they are “college material.”


In addition to academic achievement, the McKinney students are chosen for attendance, effort, contributions to the school or larger community, overcoming a personal challenge, athletic achievement, and other triumphs so all can aspire to be Pratt McKinney Trailblazers.

Program designed by One Community


Arrival – trepidation


Our  Domain


One day of college complete – celebration!

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