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Donate Your P-EBT


New York families have received a NYS EBT card with $420 for each public school student to compensate for the lack of free school lunches during the early months of the pandemic. Many families may not need some or all of the money on the card, so One Community is asking for cash contributions to be made to support our on-going food access operation. 
With the help of many volunteers and food donations, we are able to deliver groceries to over 1,400 low income households, homebound seniors, and other vulnerable people who cannot safely shop for themselves. However, money is still needed for packaging, PPE, cleaning supplies, and equipment. 
Shaquana with P-EBT pic.jpeg
If you are able, we ask that you use your card to buy your regular groceries, and then contribute as much of $420 that your family thinks is appropriate. Your $420 will enable us to provide 2,625 meals a week, and $100 provides 625 meals. If you are not receiving a P-EBT card, please consider donating as well.
Every little bit helps.
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