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Bike Path

Credit: Oren Rudavsky Productions, Edited by Michael Chomet

Meet Brian

Credit: Oren Rudavsky Productions, Edited by Michael Chomet

Meet Iescha

Bike Path is a partnership with Bike New York that trains justice-involved people and non-college-bound young people for well-paying union jobs as bike mechanics at Citi Bike. 


While the program obviously gives people technical skills that help them get jobs, at its core, its goal is to give the participants agency. We start with the applicants in their current often complex situations — often beset by anxiety, surrounded by risk and experiencing repeated disappointments.


From the application process through graduation, we help them develop a sense of direction and control and, as a group, forge a mutual dependence and trust that reinforces a faith in their powers. 


Graduates of Bike Path 1 and instructor Eric Richardson – June 28, 2019

On May 4th, 2022 we graduated our fourteenth Bike Path class. The applications are closed for the remaining sessions this year. We expect applications to open for our 2023 season January, 2023. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to 646-568-6279 or email Thank you!

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