Sharing Network

The problem of social isolation in older adults has been made worse by the pandemic. Those without internet access have even fewer resources than others to keep in touch with their friends, family and other social contacts. One Community has launched a project aimed at alleviating the problem, particularly as it effects homebound, older people of color living in public housing in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. 
The Sharing Network offers moderator-led discussion groups accessible by phone on a variety of topics. Groups no larger than eight will meet for an hour weekly for five sessions. A moderator will introduce a topic briefly and guide a conversation among participants. The emphasis for these groups is to facilitate conversation. We want people who have been lacking contact with the world to enjoy intelligent and friendly exchange with others to create connection in the world and improve their sense of wellbeing. Learn more below on becoming a moderator.
Do you know a senior who should try the Sharing Network?
For information and to sign up, call 347-773-4768. Spaces are available, join now.
Our newest groups include the following:
  • Let's Talk Social Hour
  • In the Kitchen​​
  • LGBTQ+ Brooklyn History
  • Christian Women's Fellowship
  • Spinning the Oldies
  • Power in the Brooklyn Community
  • Bible Study
  • The Big Story, Current Events and News
  • Storyteller's Circle
  • English Learner's Conversations
  • Healthy Aging and Living
  • Brain Power Hour, Trivia and Games
  • Latinx Experience in NYC
  • Old Testament Study
  • Chair Yoga
And more coming soon! Let us know what you want to see next.
Past groups include:
  • Let's Get Away, Travel Memories
  • Dance for Fun and Exercise
  • Relaxation, Meditation, and Yoga
  • Planning for the Holidays
  • The Way We Wore, Style and Fashion
  • Moving and Stretching
Are you a good host?
We are seeking moderators who can speak compellingly about topics that they know about. Moderators should have an interest in connecting with older people and have the skills needed to create safe, supportive spaces where older people will feel valued and heard. Those skills include patience, the ability to present a topic and to listen closely to people without the aid of visual cues. Moderators will be expected to organize an hourly session, once a week for five weeks. Volunteers will also attend a one-hour training session, designed around introducing the technology used and a discussion of methods that are useful for creating an atmosphere conducive to discussion.  
Volunteers are sought to lead groups on these topics (and other topics that volunteers suggest): 
  • Meditation
  • Antiracism and racial justice 
  • Civil Rights icons and history 
  • Sports
  • Yoga and movement 
  • Makeup and skincare 
  • Cooking
  • R&B and Soul
  • Jazz 
  • Gospel music
  • Name that tune 
  • Dance party
  • Making art at home 
  • Structural impediments to justice 
We want to hear from you, too! Pitch us your idea for a great Sharing Network group.
Call 347-773-4768 or email to express your interest.
We look forward to hearing from you!