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Sharing Network

The problem of social isolation in older adults was made worse during the course the pandemic, particularly for those without internet access. In response, One Community launched a project aimed at alleviating the problem, particularly as it effects homebound, older people of color living in public housing in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. As pandemic restrictions lessened, it became clear that the issue of social isolation for homebound seniors would continue and the Sharing Network was needed to continue meeting this need for  chronically homebound seniors.

The Sharing Network offers moderator-led discussion groups accessible by phone on a variety of topics. Groups no larger than eight meet for an hour weekly for five sessions. The emphasis for these groups is to facilitate connection for those lacking contact with the world to enjoy intelligent and friendly exchange and to improve their sense of wellbeing.

When a Sharing Network group got together in person for the first time, the program’s impact became unmistakable. Over months, attendees had shared confidences in Pam Mondezie's conversation group, becoming close friends. Now they were eager to see what their friends looked like. They met at Junior's in Downtown Brooklyn. Kemberly Richardson of Eyewitness News ABC7NY captured the story.

Credit: Eyewitness News for ABC7NY

Do you know a senior who should try the Sharing Network?

For information and to sign up, call 347-773-4768. Spaces are available, join now.

Learn more about our current groups from our latest catalog.​
Are you a good host?
Are you passionate about improving the lives of older adults facing loneliness and social isolation? We often need volunteers to become phone group moderators to help create safe and supportive spaces where participants can have conversations and make social connections.

As a moderator, you will have the opportunity to facilitate engaging discussions with participants on topics you know. Volunteers should have superb listening skills, be compassion and enjoy spending time with older adults. 

Moderators will be expected to organize an hourly session, once a week for 6-8 weeks, and attend a one-hour training session. By volunteering your time and skills, you will be making a significant impact in the lives of older adults in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.
Volunteers are sought to lead groups on these topics (and other topics that volunteers suggest): 
Group Topics 
  • Gentle moving and stretching
  • African-American art
  • Civil Rights history
  • Chair yoga and meditation
  • Cooking
  • Brain fitness
  • Gospel music
  • Name that tune
  • Arts and crafts
  • Making art at home
  • Structural impediments to justice
  • A Black history of NYC
  • R&B hit parade
  • Oral history
We want to hear from you! Apply to become a conversation group moderator. 

Volunteer Application Form: Group Moderator
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