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Liftoffs is an array of fun, interesting, and challenging summer opportunities for youth ages 14-24. It is designed to support the Mayor and the Kings County’s District Attorney’s violence reduction initiatives, offering alternatives to the mindsets and patterns of behavior that often lead to violence and other counter-productive outcomes.  Participants choose between 2 and 4 modules. 

To join liftoffs, you will need to complete the application and hit submit


Theater Improv: Your body and voice are powerful tools to influence the world around you. Fun and fast paced theater games, scenes and storytelling will show you how to do that. All levels welcome.

Free Wheelin': Gain freedom to ride through the city! Earn a free bike, learn how to properly maintain and repair it, practice safe riding and explore the city.

Filmmakers: Lights, camera, action! Learn from the pros about documentary filmmaking, from life to the screen. Film all the stories, fun action and achievements of Liftoffs.

World Class Dance Class: Shake it out shake it up: hip-hop, jazz, modern and ballet techniques from the very best instructors at the renowned Mark Morris Dance Group. Beginning or intermediate.

Art: It's about you, see what you can do with paint, pen, pencil and more! Learn the techniques to make your visions come to life.

Carpentry: Noise, sawdust and tools. Learn to design, cut, and finish a project you'll be proud to take with you. No experience necessary.

Making the City: What does it take to build a skyscraper? What does it take to build in your neighborhood? Who decides what buildings will look like? What would make them better and what would one you built look like? Spend time with experts to discover the answers and understand the city around you.

Music: Many things beautiful fun and expressive can be music. Let's explore and make great sounds, and use them in fun and interesting ways. Creativity required, experience no.

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