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What We Are Doing



Partner:  Institute for Community Living, operator of the 200-bed shelter for women with mental health needs


  • Fresh Daily – Permanently assuring that homeless shelter residents have basic personal products



  • I Am Here – Personal affirmation for shelter residents – portraits and art


Training to be professional bicycle mechanics at Citi Bike 


Supporting the educators and students of the challenged 6th-12th grade school


  • Pratt McKinney Trailblazers – Annually 20 middle school students are selected to be special guests at Pratt Institute’s Research Open House.


  • Tech Track – Irondale will train middle school students to be theater technicians, operating the schools’ theater equipment and creating and handling sets and props


  • New Lab – Tours of the inventors’ lab and prototyping center and a lecture series by inventors at McKinney


  • Outreach to new students – Build exposure to the plethora of opportunities into the orientation for incoming middle and high school students and their parents


  • Outreach for summer programs – Discover how to recruit for the many summer opportunities


  • exalt – Lead justice-involved students and past students into exalt


  • Bike Path – Recruit present and past students who are not college-bound


  • How Did that Happen? – Develop a program of in-school presentations and trips showing middle school students how a building is built and how a show is created and presented. 2019-2020 school year


  •  College Signing Day – McKinney students will organize a celebration of local college-bound students


  • Focused hiring – Pratt is working with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Employment Center to maximize the number of Zone residents hired to fill Pratt's non-professional jobs

  • Art and Design for All Children - One Community is helping Pratt meet an ambitious aim - to have as many children from the Zone as possible take advantage of scholarships for its Saturday K-12 art and design classes and to have Zone high school students apply for Pratt Young Scholars, a 3-year art and design college preparation program. 


  • Pratt McKinney Trailblazers – Annually, selected McKinney middle school students will be guided through Pratt’s Research Open House, attend a special lunch and be recognized as Pratt McKinney Trailblazers


  • Bike donor for Bike Path – The dozens of bicycles abandoned by students are donated to Bike Path for trainees to work on


To be pursued:


  • Student volunteers – Create an incentive for students to volunteer for One Community projects


  • Designs for Tillary Shelter – Improve the shelter’s entrance and intake room


  • Outreach as a challenge for the School of Information – Encourage Pratt to take on the multimedia challenge of outreach into the underserved community and its component populations


  • Pratt as a community leader – Encourage Pratt to be a neighborhood convener of discussions about institutional community engagement


One Community is investigating the feasibility of organizing a series of concerts highlighting the cultural richness of the Zone.  Music makers from McKinney’s marching band to a church choir, and hip-hop, R&B and DJ’s in between would be presented in 4-6 concerts.  Stars would be selected for presentation at a mainstream venue.


A wonderful educational and vocational program which redirects and creates agency in the lives of court-involved people 15-19 years old.


One Community is partnering in Exalt’s first community-focused outreach effort


  • Bringing together local jobs and Zone residents - The Employment Center is increasingly effective at placing Zone residents in jobs at the Navy Yard. It will apply its resources to help Pratt increase the number of Zone residents filling the 50-100 non-professional jobs available at Pratt annually

  • Removing impediments to work and maximizing the desirability of Zone job candidates - One Community is considering a research project and an initiative with the Employment Center. The first would involve reverse-engineering the hiring process - hosting focus groups of people from the Zone who were hired through the Employment Center to understand their path to employment, impediments they encountered and avoided and what it would take for their family members, neighbors and friends to follow them. Parallel focus groups would include unemployed Zone residents. The second initiative would be to maximize the number of job candidates from the Zone who would bring to their employers the late state and federal tax credits that accompany hiring members of targeted populations


  • 434/444 Clinton Avenue - Neighborhood residents have asked the developer, the Loketch Group, to hire local residents for jobs at the project. One Community has established channels with Zone leaders through which local residents will be available for the jobs if negotiations between the neighbors and the developer prove fruitful

  • 809 Atlantic Avenue (Developer: Hope Street Capital), 625 Fulton Street (Developer: Rabsky Group) and 95 Rockwell Place (Developer: Marriott and Second Development Services) - One Community is determining how to maximize local hiring during the construction and the operation of large projects


  • Youth theater classes and Tech Track - Irondale is working with One Community to increase the number of Zone residents who participate in Irondale's professionally-led middle school and high school theater programs

  • McKinney/Irondale partnership - One Community is supporting partnerships between Irondale and the Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School for the Arts to supplement the school's theater education offerings


Violence interrupters and outreach workers doing street-level work with gang-involved Fort Greene residents


A partnership for delivering opportunities and creating agency for gang-involved residents


Arrange for two local school gyms to be open afternoons


Kayak tours on Jamaica Bay for high school-aged people guided by the National Park Service

  You can do this!
  • Good shopper
  • Organized person
  • Web designer
  • Tech technician
  • Graphic designer
  • Architect | Interior decorator
  • Therapist, counselor
  • Publicist
  • Writer
  • Educator, event designer or scriptwriter
  • Mentor
  • Role model
  • Photographer
  • Find internships
  • Strategic thinker
  • Focus group leader
  • Business advisor
  • Outreach organizer
  • Create cash flow
  • Researcher
  • Facilitator
  • Fundraiser