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Get Out and Vote!

Shaquana Boykin, Captain of Food Delivery at Whitman Houses, is out d

elivering groceries AND the message to GET OUT AND VOTE this week with the start of early voting this week! Election Day is next Tuesday, and voting in your district leaves a distinct impact on the values we want to create in our community. The more voices that are heard the better. If you haven't already voted, visit to learn how to cast your ballot this week. If you have voted, visit to consider supporting our programs, so that we can continue to deliver food and the message to VOTE! #onecommunitynyc #fortgreene #clintonhill #vote #coronavirusrelief #foodsecurity #foodpantry

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Vanessa R. Brown
Vanessa R. Brown
Nov 19, 2020

I sought Ms. Boykin's assistance in getting a dialysis patient some food. The patient was so excited when he received the groceries, he came to me with a broad smile on his face, embraced me with a huge hug and thanked me. I made him aware that it was all due to Ms. Boykin's help. She went above and beyond to make sure this patient received his groceries. Furthermore, Ms. Boykin knocked on my door with seven days of food for me and my household. I didn't have to ask her for her assistance, she took it upon hersef to make sure that I had food to eat. I am ever so pleased with Ms. Boykin and how she exten…

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